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"Turn on Windows Update" 0x80070422 by CrimsonHazeTV in Windows10

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Winkey + R > services.msc > is the "Windows License Manager Service" running?

Otherwise, again, I don't want to waste more of your Sunday because tracking down problems with the store is just not an easy thing to do. But if you want:

Right click the start menu > Event Viewer > under the Summary you can expand the Error and Warning sections > double click sources with recent events logged under them to see if anything there indicates what the problem is

You can also check the Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Store > Operational > to see if anything shows up there.

The problem could be related to installing the game on a secondary drive.

That is about the extent of what kind of help I can provide though, sorry.

Stuck on black screen after normal login. Auto-updated. I’ve done the following : 1. Booted in safe mode 2. Ran DISM commands (got error 50 when accessing through troubleshooter, no corruption when accessing through task manager) 3. Deleting 1050ti drivers & reinstalling. 4. Using internal graphics by Manoemerald in Windows10

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I am just finishing with a clients laptop that presented with the same problem. The user profile was corrupt. I created a new user profile, which ran sort of alright. I ran SFC which couldn't fix some errors it found. Ran DISM RestoreHealth, then SFC again. Computer seems stable now, copied user files to new profile...all takes a long time.

Windows 10 deciding what I can and cannot run? by smoketrio in Windows10

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Didn't work for me. Then again, I was getting a slightly different notification:

This app can't run on this PC

[application] doesn't work on this version of Windows. Learn more

The blocking mechanism is a so-called hard block and is applied by the Program Compatibility Assistant.

The following workaround fixed it for me:

  • Install the Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (aka Windows ADK for Windows 10) from https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/hardware/dn913721.aspx#adkwin10
  • From the start menu, run the Compatibility Administrator, either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version depending on your application
  • In the left-hand pane under System Database (32/64-bit) -> Applications, look for the corresponding application (if you can't find a good match, you can look it up in the Event Viewer, see below)
  • In the large pane on the right-hand side there should be an entry AppHelp - HARDBLOCK
  • Right-click the exe-file with the hard block and select Disable entry

Now you should be good to go. In my case I additionally had to set the program to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

  • Open the Event Viewer eventvwr.msc
  • In the left-hand pane, navigate to Application and Services Logs-> Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience -> Program Telemetry
  • In the large middle pane, double click on the event with a timestamp that matches the blocked message. In the window that opens, there should be passage of text like

Compatibility fix applied to C:\DRIVERS\VISTA\PWRMGRV\Setup.exe.

Fix information: Lenovo Power Manager, {c2c0a0a8-ec3a-4f72-b657-5c39de76c771}, 0x10161.

  • The boldfaced part is what the application is called in the Compatibility Administrator

Windows 10 Mail app - can't add account by BadgerRustler in Windows10

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I found a fix, at least it worked for me.
Running the command bellow in a elevated command prompt and restarting the PC fixed the account/sync issues. dism /online /add-capability /capabilityname:OneCoreUAP.OneSync~~~~

Windows Defender on Windows 10 blocks all malware in the latest "Real-World Protection Test" by AV-Comparatives by smartfon in Windows10

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Cloud based protection shouldn't raise too many privacy concerns, since it only sends behavior to Microsoft:

With the cloud-based protection feature, Windows Defender can send information to Microsoft’s servers (“the cloud”) whenever suspicious-looking events occur. Rather than making the decision entirely with the information available on your PC, the decision is made on Microsoft’s servers with access to the latest malware information available from Microsoft’s research time, machine-learning logic, and large amounts of up-to-date raw data.

Automatic Sample Submission is the one that will automatically upload suspicious files to Microsoft (based on determination by cloud delivered protection), so you might consider disabling it if you don't want MS to see suspicious executables on your PC:

The Windows Defender interface notes that cloud-based protection works best with automatic sample submission enabled. That’s because cloud-based protection can request a sample of a file is the file seems suspicious, and Windows Defender will automatically upload it to Microsoft’s servers if you have this setting enabled. This feature won’t just haphazardly upload files from your system to Microsoft’s servers. It will only upload .exe and other program files. It won’t upload your personal documents and other files that could contain personal data. If a file could contain personal data but seems suspicious—for example, an Word document or Excel spreadsheet that seems to contain a potentially dangerous macro—you’ll be prompted before it’s sent to Microsoft.

So even then, it seems clear that there is not much chance of your personal data getting sent to MS. See this article for more info: https://www.howtogeek.com/323537/how-do-windows-defenders-automatic-sample-submission-and-cloud-based-protection-work/

"How likely are you to recommend Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?" by rpodric in Windows10

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Thanks for the gold. I stole this from a PCMR post a year ago, but I believe this gif has been posted several times on reddit. Just thought it would be fitting.

"How likely are you to recommend Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?" by rpodric in Windows10

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Windows 10 is kind of like that raper in the making you knew in college. He's constantly trying to pressure you into something you don't want to do, but the next day he swears he was just "messing around." Then one night when you thought everything was fine and then the world just goes dark and you come to a few minutes later with him on top of you forcing his way and there isn't anything you can do but lay there. You just wake up the next morning full of regret and everything is broken.

TIL Cortana's pulsing mimics it breathing by [deleted] in Windows10

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You? Not at all.

Edit: whoever gave me gold, I love you! You made my night! I've never gotten gold before! Thanks!

Help on Zboard keyboard driver incompatibility by majinspy in Windows10

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Hey guys,

I wrote somewhat of a guide to get your ZBoard working again!

I had tried uninstalling the infamous windows update and then hid it, but this only worked temporarily and eventually the update autoinstalled again disabling the drivers for the ZBoard, reducing it to an ordinary keyboard.

I took the liberty of self-signing the drivers as I don't think either Ideazon coming back to life or Microsoft actually fixing this will happen anytime soon...

Download the zip file from the following url and follow the instructions in the Readme.txt:


I'll paste the instructions here as well... Good luck!

Step 1. Install the legacy software

Download the 32 or 64 bit version of the legacy software from:




Install one of them

Step 2. Enabling testsigning

Run the file "Testsigning.bat" from the "Tools" folder as an administrator (right-click file, "run as administrator")

Press "1" and confirm with "enter" to enable testsigning

Press "3" and confirm with "enter" to quit

Reboot your PC (When rebooted your desktop will show a watermark in the bottomright corner, if this annoys you, run "Remove Watermark.exe" from the "Tools" folder and follow instructions)

Step 3. Import self-signed certificate

Run "Drivers.cer" from the "Tools" folder and click the button "Install Certificate"

Select the checkbox for "Local Machine" and click the "Next" button

Select the checkbox for "Place all certificates in the following store" and click "Browse..."

Select the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store and click "OK"

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

Close the certificate window by clicking "OK"

Step 4. Installing the altered drivers

Go to "device manager" (right-click the windows start button and click "device manager")

Unfold the "Human Interface Devices" Branch

You will see two Ideazon ZBoard devices, right click them and select uninstall, if possible also check "delete the driver software for this device"

Now disable your internet connection to prevent windows from looking for drivers online, or prevent this by altering the registry (which goes beyond the scope of this guide)

Click the icon for "Scan for hardware changes" (or click "Action" and then "Scan for hardware changes")

Windows will find the devices again and hopefully recognise them both as a standard "USB Input Device"

Now rightclick a random "USB Input Device" and click "update driver"

Select to "browse my computer" (Install manually)

Click "Browse" and point to the folder that contains my altered drivers

It will now install the drivers for the selected device, if it doesn't, you will probably have to select a different "USB Input Device" and repeat the process, as it is tricky to tell the right ones apart from your other USB devices

Continue this process until you have installed two ZBoard products which will now be called "TheHive Zboard"

Step 5. Done!

Reboot your PC to make sure the ZBoard engine software uses the newly installed device and use your ZBoard the way you always have!

Hope this guide works out for you!



Breaking windows 10 news - Switching to Linux Mint even easier by RudiWurm in Windows10

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Join us over at /r/bashonubuntuonwindows :)

Also, for any issues you come across, please let us know over on our GitHub page. We're always trying to improve the experience.

Breaking windows 10 news - Switching to Linux Mint even easier by RudiWurm in Windows10

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Basically: with WSL you can natively run Linux programs in Windows

Breaking windows 10 news - Switching to Linux Mint even easier by RudiWurm in Windows10

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Hah - pretty great.

Also, I didn't pick the subreddit name, it just kinda happened that way :)

Two Volumes on startup (Volume 6 and Volume 4) Why is this? by The_Asian_Hamster in Windows10

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shit, i became one of those guys who post a problem and solve it without saying how, sorry :P

i just googled it and although it was a while ago i think i got it solved from here:



Open the run program (ie Windows key plus 'R')

type in msconfig

Choose Boot Tab

Delete entries other than Current OS

Restart your machine, should go straight to correct OS

Improved .exe search and more based on your feedback by jenmsftSoftware Engineer in Windows10

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It will work for any file that shows "Program" in the kind column in File Explorer, and is on an indexed location. And you need to be on either the Creators update or the Fall Creators update, not having turned off Cortana by using a group policy, and be on one of these markets: en-US,zh-CN,en-GB,fr-FR,it-IT,de-DE,es-ES,en-CA,en-AU,en-IN,ja-JP,pt-BR,es-MX,fr-CA

PSA: If you use Firefox, don't upgrade to 17063 (It breaks sound playback) by DrCK1 in Windows10

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Very plausible. Workaround would be to change https://dxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/media/libcubeb/src/cubeb_wasapi.cpp as follows

hr = stm->audio_stream_volume->SetAllVolumes(channels,  volumes);
if (hr != S_OK) {
    LOG("could not set the channels volume: %lx", hr);
    return CUBEB_ERROR;


hr = stm->audio_stream_volume->SetAllVolumes(channels,  volumes);
if (FAILED(hr)) {
    LOG("could not set the channels volume: %lx", hr);
    return CUBEB_ERROR;

PSA: If you use Firefox, don't upgrade to 17063 (It breaks sound playback) by DrCK1 in Windows10

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Windows Audio quality guy here, we're on it

EDIT: figured it out, working on a fix

EDIT2: got a fix working, adding tests to stop this from happening again

EDIT3: made a Feedback Hub collection for this with an official response https://aka.ms/Fpb330

EDIT4: fix reached mainline, builds 17073 and later should work

What's the purpose of monochrome mode and why isn't it announced anywhere? by moigagoo in Windows10

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This is my use case:

I have protanomaly (red-green color deficiency) - while I have problems distinguishing some reds from greens, I can still see other reds just fine (maybe not as intensely as you guys do).

I don't use the monochrome filter, but I use the protanopia (red-green color blindness) filter quite often. It changes colors a lot and is only meant to make problematic colors look as different as possible - it doesn't make colorblind people see the way normal people do. I only use it when looking at graphs, maps and other color-coded stuff or when I really want to know if something's green or not:

  • red becomes pink or aqua;
  • green becomes dark green or brown;
  • yellow stays yellow;
  • brown becomes dark gray;
  • purple gets lighter;
  • blue gets more intense, sometimes darker.

All very easily distinguishable colors. I turn it off afterwards because everything looks really gross. You can distinguish colors, but information like brightness and other nuances are completely lost. So to me, it makes perfect sense that it's easily togglable.

Can't open Realtek HD Audio settings after Windows Update (winver 15063.502) by ras915 in Windows10

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  1. Download this Driver[8366] from Microsoft Update-Catalog or simply 64bit 32bit
  2. Extract the files into a folder
  3. Deactivate your Internet Connection so Windows won't install Drivers from Windows Update without asking
  4. Uninstall your Realtek Drivers with restarting when finished
  5. When restarted go to Device Manager and there should be some unidentified Device named probably something containing audio or Realtek
  6. Go to Update Driver -> Browse my computer -> Select the folder into you extracted the Driver
  7. After installing it should give you a prompt to restart and after that everything should be good again and Realtek Audio Manager starting again

Hope this helps for people having the same problem

edit: Regularly updating the hyperlinks

Thanks for the gold!