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Stuck on Windows 10 logo, just logo, no rotating dots

Hi guys, like the title, Im stuck on Windows logo after repeatedly shutting down and turning on my PC using the power button, it broke Windows I think, so this has happened before, and I fixed it using the regback trick, but It doesnt work anymore no matter how many times I did it, please help me. I dont think its my HDD, because the regback is still successful, its Windows 10 crapping out.

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If you have access to another computer and a USB drive, I recommend making a bootable USB with the Media Creation Tool, and using that to run a startup repair.

If you're still able to boot into safe mode, which should automatically kick in after several failed attempts to start up, let me know.

May be a USB device. Happens with my logitech receivers sometimes.

first make an FAT 32 usb ready with windows .iso and try the boot menu where you can reinstall windows setting the flash drive for a fresh start.

Can you access the advanced boot menu (F8 after initial boot screen) to go into others mode ?

What build are you on?

How long did you wait for it to move?

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Guys thanks for all the reply, but the regback trick I found on youtube actually work, I just needed to hold down the power button to shut down instead of 1 button press I always did, its really weird. Anyway I do have bootable usb, thats how I got into the command prompt, thats the only way I can fix It because the other options dont work at all. Cheers.

Hi could you maybe link to this method, or post a mini tutorial?

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

It's a very popular video with half million views, just do what he says, if u can't get into command prompt, create a bootable USB and boot from it, but don't install windows or u will lose all data, cheers.

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