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Talia Soares


November 30, 2017

Shaggy has added a clothing line to his list of career accomplishments5 min read

Internationally renowned entertainer Shaggy has added a clothing line to his list of career accomplishments.

The Grammy Award winning artiste made the announcement recently social media on Monday.

The clothing line, called Rae Town Apparel, will pay homage to the artiste’s Jamaican roots and will feature hats, T-shirts (men and women), hoodies and tank tops. Also on sale are stickers and enamel pins.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the line, Shaggy recalls growing up in Rae Town and how the community influenced his love of music. He said, “I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica … and if anybody knows about dancehall music and the cultural music of Jamaica, Rae Town is where the sound system culture came from.”

He also shared, “Local deejays or as we call them in Jamaica, selectors, they would put massive speaker boxes in the streets and people would keep dances outside in the streets and Rae Town was a place that was very popular and everybody would come down to Rae Town for these notorious street dances, Me being in dancehall music and being so successful at bringing it to the mainstream, I found it only fitting to name our apparel company Rae Town.” Items from the line are now on sale at T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops start at US $30, while hats start at US $25.