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Talia Soares


January 22, 2017

Romeich Major vows support for Walker’s Place of Safety4 min read

Businessman Romeich Major has started a campaign to offer assistance to those affected by the recent fire at the Walker’s Place of Safety. Flames gutted the establishment earlier this week, claiming the lives of two wards and displacing another 34.

Romeich said the idea actually came about after two of his employees decided to help out on their own especially having grown up in Waltham Park, around many people who ‘didn’t have it’,
Romeich added that he will be accepting everything from canned goods to clothes and toiletries to carry to the wards. Monetary contributions are also welcome. The drive will go up until January 30 where all the items collected will be handed over to the children. Persons interested in making donations can call 371-2150 to arrange pickup or drop off.