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Talia Soares


January 06, 2018

Gaza Sheba changes name to ‘Sheba’5 min read

Gaza Sheba is just going by the name Sheba these days, but aside from alterations to her stage name, not much has changed for the entertainer.
Sheba shared that she had to fight her way back from an episode with depression as a result of the dip in her career but she has once again found her footing and has her sights set on making some impact on the industry in the coming months.
The entertainer explained that following Vybz Kartel’s incarceration, things got difficult for several members of the Gaza Empire and many of them could no longer keep up with the demands of the industry, especially as they did not have the ‘teacha’ around to guide them.
Sheba said people were expecting her to keep up her career, but they did not understand that “somebody gave her the big buss and when she was in the Gaza, nothing was done by her. All she knew how to do was go in the booth and record.
She said since the Gaza Empire was discontinued and everyone went their separate ways, she had to learn about the business and how to make her own moves as a solo artiste.
The entertainer further shared that now she has two new singles out known as Sideline and We A Party that can be accessed on YouTube and revealed that a Florida-based label is interested in signing her and she is aiming to be versatile and will therefore not be sticking to just dancehall songs.