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It's the only thing I need, unendless Notes are nice but when I want to print some "pages" it always turns into a mess.

(Papierformats like Din A4, Din A3 etc. )


Hi guys, like the title, Im stuck on Windows logo after repeatedly shutting down and turning on my PC using the power button, it broke Windows I think, so this has happened before, and I fixed it using the regback trick, but It doesnt work anymore no matter how many times I did it, please help me. I dont think its my HDD, because the regback is still successful, its Windows 10 crapping out.


This has happened a few times and just happened again today. I normally have Windows activate night light automatically between 12 AM and 7 AM. I woke my computer at 10:30 AM to find that night light is still on and all of the methods to turn it off manually are grayed out, indicated in my screenshots below. Signing out then back in fixes the issue, indicating to me that this is a bug.

Anyone else experience this? Thanks!


Good morning, is it possible for OEM to slow down windows operating system? I have a new Lenovo laptop that is slower than the HP computer I purchased almost 5 years ago. The is no bloatware, no difference is startup applications. What do I do


I’ve never had an issue with a windows 10 update taking a while but, the one I started today has taken 2 hours so far. It will reboot, say “updating 35%” then reboot again.

Is this normal? What can I do?


AMD FX 6300 24 GB Ram 1060gtx 6gb 1tb HDD 500mb SSD


I've tried the fixes from googling - turn off selective suspend + disable fast start.. looking for a fix that will work. Main goal is to have lights on mouse and headset not be on when I turn off my PC at night -- the lights can be very bright in a dark room


If I run chrome and electron based apps like VS Code and GitKraken, my 8700 with a 960 evo, will freeze except the mouse. I suspend/resume without a problem and it comes back up unfrozen. Nothing sticks out in the event log, except for the kernel logger exceeding log capacity.

Waiting for a new ISO release before I wipe and rebuild. The system itself is only 4 months old.


Yes, that was an annoying feature. Goodbye

Run gpedit.msc

Navigate to: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\OS Policies

Disable the "Enables Activity Feed" at a minimum
or just go ahead and disable the other two as well...

Allow publishing of User Activities
Allow upload of User Activities

Or in Regedit if you don't have Pro or better.
Navigate to:

Create or modify Dword values and set to 0:




Note especially the additional settings regarding Publishing and Uploading User Activities.


I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone?


I was trying to use bash for git and was running into problems and long story short I needed to use lxrun to uninstall and reinstall my bash. Problem is the exe is missing form system32. Can anyone help me to be able to get the exe? Possibly upload yours or a way to restore it.


Heyyy. Since the latest Windows update my PC is super laggy and the entire usetime is cluttered with micro-stuttering no matter the workload, even though my resources aren't even close to being exhausted. Does anybody experience a similar thing and / or know how to help me?


 I cant boot up to an os or even install an os on a new ssd without getting a bsod! (Driver irql not less or equal stopport.sys, kmode exception not handled,kernel security check failure) I've moved ram around to test it, took out the gpu and used the integrated, updated bios, reset cmos, I get one post beep. I for the life of me cannot figure out what's wrong. I can't boot in safe mode, sometimes even crashes in the troubleshoot menu. Someone please help. Had windows 10 installed a day before the initial crash. My system is

Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 z370 I7 8700k/ evga 240 clc 16gb 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance rgb Evga 750 B3 psu WD15EARS 1.5tb hdd


When Microsoft first launched the Windows Insider program with the Technical Preview of Windows 10, I decided to take advantage of that since running the Technical Preview converted into a full copy of Windows 10 Pro at release. I had a few PCs that were Windows 7, and a new PC I built that had no OS before the Technical Preview.

I decided to upgrade hardware in these PCs I've had for three years and now they can't reactivate. The Product Key from the Technical Preview has apparently been blocked from Microsoft.

I was told that running this all this time provided a legal version of Windows 10. The two Windows 7 PCs I wiped, I have no way to recover the old Windows 7 key. Microsoft told me I need to simply buy new licenses. I asked for an escalation and I'm getting a one-time activation code for one of these PCs.

I don't know what I'm going to do about the others. Self builders beware I guess. I know we're not Microsoft's bread and butter the way OEMs and the Enterprise market is. But I feel like I'm being penalized for taking part in the Technical Preview and the whole Insider Program the past 3 years.


I have recently migrated from windows 7 to 10. Reason being I updated my system to Ryzen from Haswell and these new chipsets no longer support windows 7. After using windows 10 for awhile, I genuinely feel like I am not in control of my computer, rather the computer is in control of me.

Even the simplest of tasks cannot be easily changed or tuned in windows 10. For example, there's no clear way to prevent windows defender from auto scanning. You would think this option would be easily in view in windows defender, but its not, unlike every other antivirus software I have ever used. Neither can I control windows update. It updates anything it wants, I cannot stop it. The only convoluted way to stop automatic updates is to set my connection as metered. And windows app store..where do I even start. It seemingly has a mind of its own. I uninstall an app, some time later, windows app store automatically reinstalls it, without notifying me.

Sorry for the rant, I just feel so helpless using this system.


For the past 2 days, my PC has been unable to boot up without getting a black screen after the Asus Logo shows. It doesn't show me the login screen or anything. Just a loading circle. Startup Repair did not work. Ran chkdsk and scannow in command, none of those worked either. System Restore also does not work as well. Tried Safe Mode but once again I get greeted with a black screen? I'm out of ideas. Please help.


With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft kind of broadsided everybody by forcing us all to use their new "Default Switch" in Hyper-V. If you want to instead have your VMs directly on your external network, there's severe issues with connection speeds when the external switch is connected to the same NIC as the new default one.

The problem comes from the fact that said switch monopolizes one of your NICs by creating a NAT over the "Internet Connection Sharing" service. If you only had one NIC then you're out of luck connecting an external virtual switch. While it will let you add it on the same NIC, it results in the kind of download speeds I was seeing (0.5 Mbps on a 50Mbps connection). Internally something funky is going on with the NAT, but as for what I don't know.

The following does work for me to get the intended end result:

  1. Create an internal switch
  2. Assign the assoc. virtual ethernet adapter for the switch with a static IP not in your DHCP range ( ex: ) and a subnet mask.
  3. Select both your NIC and the adapter from step #2 and add them to a bridge

The end result will be that your VMs are on your external network and receiving IP addresses from DHCP, while your host shouldn't be impaired in any fashion as far as I can tell.

If you want to add more "pseudo-external" switches just do steps #1 and #2 and add them to the existing bridge.


So I have no idea why this is happening. I keep getting this message:

"Your device is at risk because it's out of date and missing important security and quality updates. Let's get you back on track so Windows can run more securely. Select this button to get going."

So I install the update and restart but I get this message:

"We couldn't finish installing updates"

Also this is the 2018-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems


I have Win10 as part of that free upgrade from Win7.

Currently I have Win10 installed on my HDD, but next week I'll have an SSD and I'll be installing it onto that. I plan to make a separate partition on it just for the Win10 OS.

How large do I need to make the partition? Will 32 GB be enough, or what do you recommend I allocate to it? I was going to use my Win7 disc, I assume I'll have to install Win7 first then seek out the upgrade online, or is there a way to install Win10 directly?

I remember there being a way to choose to put your My Documents and Program Files on another partition/drive, but you had to press a secret password or something to open up the option? But I can't seem to find any information on that anywhere. If I wind up having to install Win7 first and then download the upgrade to Win10, will I have to make sure that all of my My Documents/Program Files folders are again chosen on a different partition/drive upon upgrading?

Any other general purpose advice will be appreciated!

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