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Talia Soares


October 2, 2017

Construction worker dies after dance-off at a party in Hanover4 min read

A 27-year-old construction worker, who resides in Hopewell, Hanover, died following a dance-off at a party in that town recently.

Information is that the man, who goes by the pet name ‘Mel’, was at a party at a popular jerk centre with friends, when some of the latest local dance moves were being exhibited by patrons. Mel chose a female partner who is estimated to weigh over 200 pounds, and decided to lie on the ground while she dived on him, mimicking a popular dancehall dance move. An alleged eyewitness said that immediately afterwards, he started to complain of pain in his (testicles) and they had to help him up and assist him to get a taxi home. His pains got more unbearable during the night, so he was transported to hospital.

It is reported that he died the following day, with speculation rife in the Hopewell community that his death is as a result of the dance moves the previous night.