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Talia Soares


March 05, 2018

Rochelle Mitchell


WhatsApp for iPhone has been updated!5 min read

WhatsApp for iPhone has been updated! The new WhatsApp version doesn’t bring any major changes but includes a couple of new features to uplift your instant messaging experience. The updated WhatsApp for iPhone allows you to add time and location stickers on the photos or videos that you are sharing with your contacts. There is also an option to search for participants of a group.

To add a time or location sticker, press the ‘+’ plus icon right next to the message box, tap ‘Photo & Video Library’ option, and then select one of your media content that you’d like to share with your contacts. After that, you need to tap the smiley icon from the top bar and search the time or location sticker that you want to add to your photo or video, as seen below. You can also remove any stickers simply by dragging and dropping them in the bin icon placed on the top-left corner.

The addition of time and location stickers to WhatsApp for iPhone mainly helps you give details about the shots or clips you share with your contacrs. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are already offering similar stickers that can be added to photos and videos.

Alongside the new stickers, the updated WhatsApp for iPhone has a search option to let you find a group participant directly from the Group Info window. This helps you search for group participants easily to chat with them individually.