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Usain Bolt keeps moving ! and now he transitions into the mobility scooter business. Bolt Mobility today announced its national launch of the safest, most high-tech, and consumer-focused personal electric scooters during a news conference on the steps of New York City Hall with its global spokesperson: Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt, one of the fastest runners in the world.

Bolt Mobility has engineered breakthrough designs from the ground up that feature swappable batteries, charging stations for the swappable batteries, space for shopping bags, purses and backpacks, phone chargers in a safe, non-distracting location, drink and coffee cup holders. Bolt Mobility’s innovative parallel foot pads enable safer transportation by allowing riders to ride with their feet firmly planted on each side the e-scooter and enjoy a lower center of gravity for safer, more comfortable rides.

Bolt Mobility personal e-scooters are the future of sustainable and equitable transportation. Bolt Mobility was founded in 2018 and plans to fill transportation gaps with micro-mobility solutions in cities across the country. It has conducted extensive research within urban areas and is prepared to revolutionize transportation with new e-scooters that will help alleviate transit issues, including congestion and poor air quality and help solve transportation and commerce deserts by making high-quality micro-mobility solutions accessible and affordable.

Currently, Bolt Mobility has fleets of personal electric scooters on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Arlington, Virginia; and Alexandria, Virginia. In those markets, there have been tens of thousands of unique riders in the last four months alone. There are plans for extensive expansion of the Bolt footprint across the country, including Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles and more.

Bolt electric scooters are one-of-a-kind in their safety and design. For example, Bolt recently employed a feature that requires riders to locate, operate, and become acquainted with the braking system before starting a ride. This feature is the first of its kind in the industry.

Dr. Sarah Haynes, Bolt’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman said,  “Bolt is a best-in-class portfolio of micro-mobility products designed to empower communities with fast, efficient, affordable transportation solutions prioritizing inclusion, equity and the democratization of opportunity, education and access.”

Usain Bolt also had some words to share, he stated,  “I am an Olympic athlete. They call me the fastest man on earth. One thing is for sure: I run. I run everywhere, I have run in cities all over the world, and I can tell you first hand that traffic is getting worse and worse in every city on every continent on earth. The air quality is also getting worse, and I feel that now is the time that we must do something about it. That’s why I am so proud to be the sponsor of the Bolt Mobility electric scooter – a mode of transportation that will truly change the way people move.”

Presented by: Talia Soares