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Rochelle Mitchell


October 3, 2017

Rochelle Mitchell


Tyra Banks and Erik Asla Split After 5 Years Together4 min read

Entertainment Tonight reports that Tyra Banks and photographer Erik Asla have broken up, a source tells ET.

Banks and Asla had been dating since 2013. The two welcomed their 1-year-old son, York Banks Asla, via surrogacy last January.

“There was no drama at all,” the source says of their breakup. “They are still friends and co-parenting their son, York Banks Asla, together.”

Prez Trump To Puerto Rico-Thanks For Screwing Our Budget!!!

TMZ reports President Trump touched down in Puerto Rico, and promptly took a metaphorical crap all over the hurricane-ravaged island.

Trump, flanked by Melania and the island’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello, held a news conference and fielded questions which is when he actually said, “I hate to tell you Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

He went on to ask Gov. Rossello what the death count was following Hurricanes Irma and Maria — and said they hadn’t been hit by “a real catastrophe like Katrina.” Watch the video … it’s every bit as cringeworthy as it sounds.

Nearly half the U.S. territory is still without power or running water.