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Talia Soares


November 22, 2017

Singer J had a meltdown on social media4 min read

Singer J had a meltdown on social media Monday following the news of Ninjaman’s guilty verdict.

The recording artist took to Facebook to go live, crying about the devastating outcome of Ninja’s murder trial.

According to Singer J, the former Downsound entertainer was used by the government before he was given the harsh verdict. He added that Ninjaman is known for his charitable work within the inner city communities and with him going to prison, person will now suffer.

Ninjaman along with his son, Janeil, and another man, Dennis Clayton were convicted for the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, also known as ‘Trooper’ in Olympic Gardens, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Prosecutors argued that the former Downsound Records artist and his co-accused entered a yard and fired several rounds at a man who fled the premises. Johnson, who was also in the yard, was fatally shot. The main prosecution witness testified that Ninjaman who was armed with a gun, fired twice at him and he fled.