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Talia Soares

Journalist / Writer

Oct 11, 2016

Talia Soares

Journalist / Writer

Producer laments exploitation for female artists6 min read

Producer Cornelius Daley has expressed his concerns about female artist in the industry who are at a disadvantage; in a male dominated industry. He further went on to accuse male producers of stifling the careers of the female artists because they would not perform sexual favors.

The biggest problem for female artistes is that engineers and producers want to have sex with them, and if they don’t get sex, dem not working with them.”

He expressed his thoughts by saying female artist should hold out and make it known that music is their focus and not sexual relations. He also said that he is all about business and money he is not working with a female artist for sexual pleasures, he sees them as family or like a sister.

Daley, of Cornelius Records, recently signed his first female artiste, Rage, and plans to work with other females.

Donna Hope Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, also a cultural analyst is in agreement with the statements made by the producer, she said that women experience the same kind of treatment in various professions.

“What happens with women who come into the music industry, whether Dancehall or Reggae, is that they either have to throw in their lot with men deliberately or they have had to depend on the support of their male family members, if they have a studio or have connections in the industry. If you are not that lucky, you may have to sleep with somebody, or, as many women have found out, your career will go down the drain,” she added.

Hope said talent is not seen as priority by some men when a woman’s physical appearance is placed in the equation.

She further went on to say that this has to do with our male dominated culture and patriarchal society.