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Talia Soares


October 25, 2017


Kalado clears the air with ‘Bruk Foreigner’5 min read

Dancehall artiste Kalado has finally released the music video for his single, ‘Bruk Foreigner’, the singlewhich was released in February of this year. The production which provokes both thought and laughter is 10 minutes long, and features Twin of Twins.

The song was produced and engineered by Tek Ova Records, KOG and Smallboxx Records, and the video was shot by Xtreme Arts. Kalado shared that  “People are always of the mindset that foreigners are rich, as well as some foreigners believe that when they vacay in Jamaica they always have to showcase a rich lifestyle even if they are broke. I wanted to fuse the harsh realities of a hype, bruk foreigner, while still capturing the comical side of it.”

Though the message of Bruk Foreigner maybe widely misunderstood, it is not in Kalado’s intentions to ridicule or belittle anyone facing hard times, but to enlighten them that everybody, everywhere experience hard times and they should be mindful of them and accept them.


Kalado has experienced a few downfalls in the past two years, including the loss of his US visa, criminalcharges (which have been resolved), among other accusations from artistes within the dancehall fraternity. For these reasons, he has been cautious with his career and its direction. In speaking on this, he mentioned that he has been working really hard for years, from walking the streets every night to trying to get radio personnel and disc jockeys to recognise his craft as an artiste and play his music. As a result of this he has experienced success, and he is very mindful that people will not like it and will try to harm you as a result.

The Bruk Foreigner production is one of many that Kalado would like to create in the future. Kalado saidthat he has always had an interest in film-making. The script for the short film was also created by him and has been re-created by many social media vloggers.