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Talia Soares


October 30, 2017


Govana delivering hits5 min read

4th Genna recording artiste Govana continues to heat up the airwaves with a plethora of songs and has scored another hit with the now popular ‘Gyal Clown’ featured on the Emudio Records-produced Genna Bounce rhythm. Based on feedback and the current momentum, he has shifted focus to the next phase of his promotional campaign, enlisting the services of accomplished multimedia entity RD Studios for the official video, which was filmed on the weekend.

Shot throughout Kingston and St Andrew, the video, which boasts a star-studded cast, tells the tale of several men receiving public ridicule after falling prey to the vile practice where their female counterparts, despite being well cared for, become unfaithful, and in some cases use the men’s hard-earned income to support an outside lover.

According to Govana: “The song has been doing extremely well and people have been asking for the video. So, based on the feedback and the reception of the song in the streets, we believe the time is right for the visuals. It’s going to be a very fun video, with a star-studded cast, that is guaranteed to make you laugh.”

The official release of the Gyal Clown music video is slated for early November. Meanwhile, the savvy lyricist, who recently became an entrepreneur, said his newly launched T-shirt line, dubbed ‘Genna Genna’, has been doing well, and he’s now looking to add new designs to thecollection for the upcoming festive season.