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According to capleton, while he recognizes that young, upcoming dancehall artistes are trying to earn enough to maintain themselves and their families through music, there were certain behaviors which they should consider refraining from exhibiting, as these are not in keeping with true Jamaican Dancehall ethos.

In urbanislandz, Capleton,expressed grave concern about the route verbal clashes between artistes, where some artistes have been dragging other artiste’s, parents, children and siblings’’ names into their lyrical warfares.

He said there were unwritten rules of engagement in dancehall for clashes from the outset of the genre. Family members and mothers, he said were exempt from being spoken about in a derogatory manner, but that some new artistes have started trodding down this slippery slope, falsely thinking it will enable them to score points against their opponents.

In encouraging positivity Capleton said the positive aspects of the Dancehall music genre will always be predominant and will always be in demand by the global audience, and is what enables artistes like himself, to garner international bookings and amass more wealth.

Presented by Debbie Bissoon