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Talia Soares


October 2, 2017

Etana set to receive the Excellence in the Arts Award5 min read

On Friday, November 17, 2017 Etana will receive the Excellence in the Arts Award for the impact her music has had on the reggae scene in the United States.

The Caribbean American Heritage Awards (CARAH) Awards, set to be held in Washington DC, will also bestow honours on Karl Racine of Haitian heritage, who is the attorney general of Washington, DC; and Dr Henry Lowe, scientist and inventor, who is also of Jamaican heritage.

The honour bestowed upon Etana falls in line with her journey as she long ago recognised the power of music and its worldwide widespread influence. Etana shared that she is honoured and humbled for this recognition and she is blessed to be able to use her voice in many ways.

Since the release of Wrong Address in 2007 in which she highlights the discrimination faced by some Jamaicans living in violence-plagued communities, Etana has used her voice to not only document through music, but she has also been an advocate and activist for children in her beloved country. Likewise, the songbird has extended her various philanthropic endeavours to Africa, bridging the gap between there and her beloved island of Jamaica.

With a similar mindset, the CARAH Awards seek to highlight the contributions that Caribbean immigrants make to the US, and periodically honour Friends of the Caribbean, whose work contributes to the well-being and welfare of the Caribbean people.