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Talia Soares


March 19, 2018

Rochelle Mitchell


Di Unit have now been handed over to a new leader4 min read

After being guided for several years by Davey Scott, more popularly known as Tall Boss, the operations of Portmore-based sound system Di Unit have now been handed over to a new leader. Badda Bling, whose birth name is Matthew Mothersill, is a senior DJ on the sound system and the new man in charge.

He shared that although his new role will be challenging, he was looking forward to the journey ahead and will be taking on the new responsibilities in addition to being a DJ.

Following news of Tall Boss’ arrest earlier this month, there have been questions about who would take up management of the popular sound. Though still in its formative years, the five-man sound system boasts an impressive array of accolades, including several awards, being featured on top-tier social events locally and numerous international appearances.