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Windows 10 April update (1803) megathread

Update isn't live yet but you can join community chat to get notified whenever the update starts rolling.

Windows 10 April Update is rolling out now, if you're not seeing it on Windows update yet you can upgrade manually via Upgrade assistant or media creation tools.

What's new/changed in April update


  • Start now uses the Fluent Design Reveal effect in the apps list, on tiles and on the rail

  • Right-clicking on an UWP app will now show a quick link to Advanced Options for that app as "Settings"

  • Explorer, Music, Files and Pictures are now added to the Rail by default

  • The number of groups in the All apps list has been reduced by 29 and 36 for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese respectively

  • On Pro for Workstation and Enterprise, the default apps have been changed to be more productivity-focused

Cortana + search

  • If Cortana recognizes a book, shopping item, restaurant, recipe movie, TV show or other things, she will now prompt you to put it in a list

  • Cortana is no longer capable of providing proactive content

  • Cortana can now recognize your location to show location based notifications

  • Cortana will now suggest Activities to resume to

  • Your profile picture and controls to lock your account, log off or switch to another user are now visible within Cortana

  • The List and Collections features have been merged into the Collections app

  • Cortana now supports natural language compatibility for Spotify

  • Cortana Lists can no longer be accessed from the rail

  • The Cortana app profile page has been revamped

  • Skills in Cortana's notebook now come with tips

Taskbar + Action center

  • Links like "Collapse" and "Clear all" now use your accent color in the non-colored Action center

  • Swiping with 2 fingers will now dismiss all notifications

  • When using a 12-hours clock, Action center will now use "AM" and "PM" instead of "a" and "p"

  • Notification Toasts that do not support being dismissed into the Action center will now show an X instead of an arrow

  • The language icon has been updated in the Input flyout to match the icon used on the touch keyboard

  • The app view for people in MyPeople is now a list instead of a grid

  • The Near Share-quick action has been added

  • Action center now uses reveal

  • The "Clear all" option has been renamed "Clear all notifications"

  • Timeline replaces Task View in the taskbar

  • Timeline has been added to show activities of apps that support it

  • Currently open apps are now shown on top of your timeline

  • Virtual Desktops has been relocated to the top of Timeline

  • The taskbar now uses an acrylic background

  • The Clock & Calendar, Volume, My People, Input and Share flyouts now use an acrylic background

  • When a toast is dismissed while writing content in its interactive fields, the content will now be saved and will stay accessible in the Action center

  • If a warning or alert is triggered by Windows Update, a new tray icon will appear to inform you of this

  • You can now drag-and-drop people to rearrange them in My People

  • People that aren't pinned to the taskbar can now also cause a pop in My People

  • My People will now suggest apps to install that support My People

  • The Reveal effect in the clock and Calendar flyout has been updated to make the day with focus appear lighter

  • The Focus Assist Quick Action is no longer a toggle but a multi-step button

  • The context menu now contains an option to remove everything from that hour or day from your Timeline

  • Timeline will only show 4 days of activity by default

  • Switching between the Focus Assist modes between priority online, alarms only or off can now be done again from the Action center context menu

  • The People flyout now uses the accent color when "Show accent color on Start, taskbar and action center" is selected in Color Settings

User Interface

  • CalendarView now uses Reveal

  • The Reveal effect has been softened

  • The Network flyout on the lock screen has been updated from its Windows 8.1 look to allign with the Windows 10 version

  • When the touch keyboard is invoked or dismissed, it will now animate

  • Reveal now fully works in the Light

  • Animations for headers, pane opening and item selection has been added to NavigationViews

  • Border Reveal is no longer applied in ListView and TreeView

  • AppBarButtons now have a 2px margin between them

File Explorer

  • The on-screen keyboard's colors have been inverted

  • The cloud state of files and folder in the Navigation Pane will now be shown there

Microsoft Edge

Edge 42

  • Edge will be added as a shortcut on the desktop by default

  • A tab can now be muted by clicking the sound icon or from its context menu

  • "Extensions" has been renamed "Add more features" and move to the top of the ellipses menu

  • Address fields and other related fields can now be filled in automatically by Edge

  • Settings to manage form entries have been added to Advanced Settings

  • Text spacing settings have been added for Reading View

  • The active tab, address bar, favorites bar and "Find on Page"-bar are no longer acrylic

  • The title bar has been updated with a more transparent acrylic

  • The dark theme has been reworked with a darker UI

  • Buttons and lists in Edge's UI now use the reveal effect

  • Icons on the address bar will appear slightly smaller

  • Favorites in the favorite bar can now be set to not show their label individually

  • It is no longer possible to hide labels for all favorites at once

  • The favorites bar can now be hidden by right-clicking on it

  • Edge now supports Activities

  • Precision Touch Pads will now allow you to pinch-to-zoom or use two-finger panning to interact with websites in the same way a touchscreen would

  • The Hub is now wider and the sections are now displayed on the side instead of the top with their title in a collapsible view

  • Card information can now be saved and automatically filled in in the future and settings for this behavior have been added

  • A "Notes"-pop-over menu has been added to navigate between notes

  • Books can now show recommendations if the library is empty

  • You can now filter by expired rentals in the book library

  • The URL bar will now show the Books icon and title rather than the URI

  • Support for Audio Narrated Books with EPUB Media Overlays has been added

  • The Favorites Bar will now be enabled automatically if there is at least 1 favorite in it on Start and the New tab page independently from the "Show favorites bar" setting

  • You can now set Edge to never remember passwords for a certain domain

  • Auto-filling saved passwords is now supported in InPrivate mode

  • Extensions now work in InPrivate mode when set to do so

  • When opened with a mouse, the ellipses menu will now be smaller

  • When viewing a certificate, users can now show the certificate itself in a sidebar

  • In full screen-mode, the full Edge UI will now be available by moving your mouse to the top of the screen

  • "Clutter-free printing" has been added as a new option to the Print dialog, allowing you to remove ads

  • Dragging a website from the address bar to the Favorites bar will now show the favicon and name of the website

  • The last opened Reading List item now has a new design which uses Acrylic

  • Windows Defender Application Guard should now be lighter and faster

  • Widnows Defender Application Guard now allows you to download files to the host


  • Free EPUB books can now be saved

  • Books can now be removed, pinned or searched for in the Microsoft Store from the Book hub

  • Bookmarks for EPUBs and PDFs can now be edited within the same flyout

  • EPUB, PDF and Reading View has been redesigned with Fluent Design in mind

  • Go-to-page in the Seek bar has been updated to support PDF Page Labels and EPUB Page List

  • Reflowable EPUB books and Reading View for websites can now break the words on the page into syllables or highlight different parts of speech like nouns, verbs and adjectives

  • Books, PDFs and Reading View pages now work full-screen

  • Reading progress, notes, bookmarks and annotations will now roam faster to other devices voor books

  • General improvements to EPUB books and PDFs and Books when using a screen reader

  • You can now export and clear your book data

F12 Tools

  • The tools can now be docked vertically

EdgeHTML 17

  • Support for Service Workers is now fully enabled, introducing support for offline web sites and push notifications

  • CSS backdrop-filter is now available

  • Subresource integrity is now available

  • The ANGLE Backend is now used for WebGL

  • Edge will now fire a Pointer Event with pointerType of "touch" when using Precision Touch Pad gestures

  • "Enable iterative drawing algorithm" has been added as an option enabled by default

  • "Enable OpenType variable fonts" is now enabled by default

  • Full support for CSS extensions for OpenType Font Variations

  • Support to use Notification API in extensions

  • Support for elements on HTMLFieldsetElement

  • Support for ping on anchor element


  • "WebGL Uses ANGLE Backend" has been added

  • "Enable OpenType variable fonts" has been added

Internet Explorer

  • When using the Japanese touch keyboard, address bar suggestions will now show as you type rather than waiting for the candidate string to be committed



  • Sound has been added as a new page and allows you to change the volume, audio output device, microphone input device and test your microphone

  • You can now enable "Near Share" on the Shared experiences page and set its download location

  • The brightness of SDR content on a HDR display can now be adjusted under "Display"

  • Detailed information about your display can now be seen in "Advanced display settings" linked on the Display page

  • "Advanced display settings" shows information about your desktop resolution, active signal resolution, refresh rate, bit depth, color format and color space

  • "Advanced scaling" has been added under Display and allows you to enable "Fix scaling for apps"

  • When Windows detects an app that might have become blurry, a toast will be shown requesting to fix this

  • A top level link to Storage Settings has been added to free up space

  • "Free up space now" can now clean Windows upgrade log files, System created Windows Error Reporting Files, Windows Defender Antivirus, Thumbnails, Temporary Internet Files, Device driver packages, DirectX Shader Cache, Downloaded Program Files, Diagnostic data viewer database files and Delivery Optimization Files in addition to its previously available 4 categories

  • "Show suggestions occasionally in Timeline" has been added under Multitasking

  • "Focus assist" has been added as a new page

  • You can now set when Focus assist has to turn on automatically

  • Focus assist can now be set to turn on automatically in presentations, in full screen games or when you are at home

  • Apps and people that may break through Focus assist can now be set

  • A summary can now be accessed to see what you missed during Focus assist

  • Sound has been moved to the second place in the menu

  • A number of links to other sound settings have been added to Sound

  • "App volume and devices preferences" has been added under Sound and allows you to manage the audio input and output for each app individually

  • A link to System info has been added under About

  • Quiet Hours has been renamed Focus Assist

  • The Multitasking icon has been updated to reflect Timeline

  • "Graphics Settings" has been added under Display to allow you to choose the preferred graphics performance an app should have, with options for System default, Power saving and High performance

  • Volume icons will now show as muted when the volume is muted

  • Resetting the App volume and device preferences page will now also reset app specific volumes you've set back to default

  • Account Protection and Device Security have been added to About


  • The font and size used in the handwriting panel can now be changed between Segoe UI, Segoe Print and Segoe Script

  • Options to enable multilingual text prediction has been added under "Typing"

Network & Internet

  • You can now select a network for which to show the overview of used data

  • A data limit can now be set under Data usage

  • Background data can now be restricted in general or when roaming

  • A settings has been added to tell Windows to prefer Cellular data over Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections can now be set to have background data restrictions

  • Pinning the Data usage page to Start will now result in a Live Tile

  • The option to create a new HomeGroup has been removed


  • The number of people you can pin can now be changed from 1 and 10 or all people in the flyout in My People

  • Suggestions in the My People flyout can now be disabled

  • Fonts has been added as a new page to manage Fonts

  • Details about fonts have been added and you can now preview a font with your own string


  • "Startup" has been added as a new page to provide settings for apps that should start at startup

  • UWP apps that are set to launch at startup will now show the tasks they are specified to do by their developer

  • Per-app app settings now will show all permissions the app supports

  • The publisher and version of the app is now shown in the app detail page

  • A link to battery usage, lock screen notification settings and default apps has been added to the app settings pages

  • An app can now be terminated and/or uninstalled from its detail page

  • You can now manage which execution aliases you want apps to be able to use

  • You can now set Windows to automatically adjust a video based on the lightning in your environment

  • You can now sort your startup apps

  • You can no longer set how video playback should work while on battery power

  • "Stream HDR video" has been enabled for more devices

  • You can now calibrate your display with built-in HDR video output with "Change calibration settings for HDR video on my built-in display"


  • When allowed, Windows will now repopulate Windows Spotlight and badges on the lock screen if the PC is at rest in on the lock screen

  • "Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting my device after an update or restart" now affects startup of applications

  • Security questions and answers can now be added to local accounts to help with password recovery

  • On Windows 10 devices in S mode, you can now setup a PC with Windows Hello or PIN without a password

  • The "Use my sign-in info..." text has been updated

Time & language

  • The default keyboard can now be changed independently from the display language

  • Enabling hardware keyboard suggestions can now be done from the Keyboard settings

  • The "Choose a language to install" UI has been revamped into a model instead of a full page

  • Each language entry now shows if it supports display, text-to-speech, speech recognition and/or handwriting

  • When installing a new language, the user gets the option to add additional usecases (like text-to-speech, etc.) and to set it as the display language

  • Language resources are now managed by the Microsoft Store, allowing them to be updated on a more regular basis

  • You can now change the behavior of the Emoji Panel to hide after selecting one emoji

Ease of Access

  • The rail has been reorganized and now contains grouping headers

  • The descriptions for some settings have been rewritten

  • "Display" has been added as a new page with options to change the scaling of your primary screen, change the brightness, disable animations, disable transparency, disable the desktop background and the duration of a notification's visibility

  • Keyboard shortcuts are now shown under their relevant settings instead of at the bottom of the page for "Magnifier"

  • Background and window has been split up in "Change caption background" and "Dim window content" under "Closed captions"

  • Narrator's keyboard shortcut can now be disabled

  • Narrator can now be set to start automatically after login or before login for all users

  • The voice volume for Narrator can now be changed independently

  • Narrator can now let you hear voiced Narrator errors

  • Narrator can now be set to play an audio cue to confirm if an action was performed

  • You can now switch the Narrator cursor movement mode between Normal and Advanced

  • Narrator can now be set to sync the cursor and system focus

  • Narrator can now be set to read and interact with the mouse

  • You can now lock the Narrator keys to make sure you don't have to press them for each command

  • Under "Keyboard" it is now possible to disable the shortcut key for Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys and Filter Keys

  • Options to move faster when holding Ctrl and slower when holding Shift have been removed from "Mouse"

  • You can no longer set mouse keys when Num Lock is enabled under "Mouse"

  • The speech output for Narrator can now be changed under "Select audio channel for Narrator speech output"

  • Color options will now show a colorwheel to help you choose the right filter

  • "High contrast" and "Color" have been split up in their own pages

  • Color Filters now provides a description of the filter you're using

  • Narrator now allows to control the verbosity of text characteristics

  • Aduio has been added as a new page and allows you to change the volume, enable mono audio and show visual audio alerts

  • Speech Recognition has been added as a new page and allows you to enable Windows Speech Recognition

  • Eye Gaze Control has been added as a new page

  • Adds "Curser, pointer, and touch feedback" and moves cursor thinness, pointer size and color and touch feedback settings to this new page

  • The current Narrator settings can now be set to be used for login

  • The hotkey to send feedback when Narrator is running can now be set to Caps Lock + E

  • Under Audio, a new "Change other sound settings" link has been added to the classic sound settings

  • "Other options" has been removed

  • Under Display, it is now possible to disable automatically hiding scrollbars

  • Under Color filters, it is now possible to disable the color filters hotkey

  • "Cursor, pointer and touch feedback" has been renamed "Cursor & pointer size"

  • "High Contrast Black" is now the default High contrast theme

  • Help links have been added to Narrator to help you learn to use Narrator

  • Speech now includes information and settings for dictation, Cortana and Windows Speech Recognition

  • A number of "Related settings"-links have been added to Ease of Access


  • Under "Notifications" a setting has been added to disable collection suggestions


  • "Activity history" has been added and contains all data Cortana uses for "Pick up where you left off"

  • "Documents", "Pictures" and "Videos" have been added as new pages under Privacy, allowing you to disable access to these 3 areas of your device on a per-app basis

  • Activity history can now be filter by accounts

  • Access to Account info, Contacts, Callendar, Call history, Email, Tasks, Messaging, Documents, Pictures and Videos can now be disabled on a system level, stopping anything from requesting these permissions

  • Win32 apps installed from outside the Microsoft Store are now also affected by the "Let apps use my camera hardware" setting

  • Windows Camera is no longer hidden from the list of apps that can use your camera

  • You can now choose if Windows should sync your activities with the cloud, this enables a 30 day history in Timeline

  • Under "Diagnostics & feedback" you can now find a setting to enable data viewing

  • A button has been added to downoad and open Diagnostic Data Viewer ○ You can now view your diagnostics data by event ○ Diagnostic events can now be searched through ○ You can now filter on category

  • Privacy has been split in "Windows permissions" and "App permissions" subsections

  • "File system" has been added as a new page to allow apps access to your file system

  • You can now delete all Diagnostic data from "Diagnostics & feedback"

  • The user dictionary can now be viewed under "Speech, Inking & Typing"

Update & Security

  • The bandwidth used by foreground downloads can now be limited for Windows Update and Microsoft Store updates

  • "View installed update history" has been moved to the bottom of the Windows Update page

  • The description explaining how Windows Update works has been removed

  • "Options for restarts" has been removed from Windows Update

  • Windows Update now shows an additional button with more restart options when an update is waiting for a reboot to install

  • Windows Update will now show a longer message when your device is up-to-date as well as a link to see what's new

  • "Windows Defender" has been renamed "Windows Security"

  • Windows Security now list protection areas and direct links to their pages in the Windows Defender Security Center including Virus & threat protection, Account protection, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control, Device security, Device performance & health and Family options

  • On a PC with AC power, Windows Update will keep an inactive PC from going to sleep for 2 hours when installing an update


  • The Settings home page has been rearranged into a horizontal grid

  • The rail now uses an acrylic background

  • Improved search strings to find more relevant results

  • General improvements to settings to help Narrator navigate between search, the navigation list and the main landmarks, headers will no longer be seen as at the bottom


  • Game Mode settings can now be reset with the "Reset Game Mode Settings"-setting

  • Game Bar has been redesigned with support for the dark and light theme

  • Game Bar now gives quick access to your captures, toggle your microphone and camera and edit the title of your Mixer stream

  • Game Bar settings has been made easier to use

  • A clock has been added to the Game Bar


  • An extended user-mode API for third-party virtualization stacks and applications to create and manage partitions at the hypervisor level, configure memory mappings for the partition and create and control execution of virtual processors has been added

  • When a Bluetooth device is ready to pair and is detected in range, Windows will show a notification to connect to it

  • Ultimate Performance has been added as a new power scheme for Pro for Workstation and Enterprise devices

  • When forcing a shutdown by holding the power button, Windows will show a message and collect data before shutting down

  • It is now possible for enterprises to run custom actions during feature updates

  • It is now possible for enterprises to run post rollback scripts

  • The OOBE privacy settings have been revamped with every setting now having its own page

  • Support for the High Efficiency Image File Format has been added


  • It is now easier to scroll with Eye Control

  • Direct right and left click has been added to the Eye Control launchpad

  • Start, Timeline, Settings and Device calibration has been added to the Eye Control launchpad

  • You can now hide the launchpad

  • Narrator is now available when entering save mode via msconfig.exe

Language and input

  • The on-screen keyboard now uses an acrylic background

  • The full on-screen keyboard is now available for all languages except Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

  • Reorganized the handwriting panel options

  • Improved re-recognition of words when writing a letter on top of another

  • Words can now be split in the handwriting panel by drawing a vertical line where it needs to split and will provide space to write in between the words

  • The Japanese IME can now provide text suggestions from AI chatbot Rinna

  • The hardware keyboard can now also show text suggestions

  • Shape-writing is now enabled on the wide keyboard

  • The gesture to add a space in-between letters on the handwriting panel has been changed to a carrot

  • The handwriting panel will now commit written text by drawing an angle of 90°

  • Improves the button layout for Chinese Simplified Handwriting

  • The on-screen keyboard's buttons now use Acrylic and are once again lighter than the background

  • New and improved recognition of words to provide better emoji predictions in Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Danish (Denmark), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), English (Great Britain), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Finnish (Finland), French (France), Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Italian (Italy), Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), and Turkish (Turkey)

  • The emoji panel will no longer close after inserting one emoji

  • The Tamil keyboard has been added

  • Updates the Sinhala and Myanmar keyboards for more comprehensive ways of inputting sequences

  • Improved input of compositions on the Amharic keyboard

  • The Amharic keyboard will now insert Amharic script directly instead of English letters with predictions

  • The Emoji Panel is now supported in 190 locals, with 152 supporting tooltips

  • The data behind the emoji panel has been revamped further to include more words

  • Hardware keyboard suggestions now respect your theme color

  • The on-screen touch keyboard now supports the split layout for all languages except Korean, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified)

  • The standard touch keyboard layout is now available for Japanese, Korean, Quick and ChangJie for Traditional Chinese

  • When pausing after using the split gesture in the handwriting panel, the space will now close again

  • The shift key on the touch keyboard will now stay visually pressed when double tapped to indicate caps lock is engaged

  • The full touch keyboard now supports keyboard shortcuts that contain 3 keys

  • The dictation UI has been updated

  • The Embedded Handwriting Panel is now available

  • Improved handwriting recognition with Hindi support

  • The on-screen keyboard will now dynamically switch between the 3 first languages set on the device

  • Text Prediction has been added for Assamese, Bashkir, Belarusian, Greenlandic, Hawaiian, Icelandic, Igbo, Irish, Kyrgyz, Luxembourgish, Maltese, Maori, Mongolian, Nepali, Pashto, Sakha, Tajik, Tatar, Tswana, Turkmen, Urdu, Uyghur, Welsh, Xhosa, Yoruba and Zulu

  • Search in the emoji keyboard has been enabled for more than 150 locals

  • If shapewriting is not supported, the shapewriting trail will no longer be visible


  • The Web Media Extensions pack for Edge is now a default app, adding support for OGG Vorbis and Theora

Control Panel

  • Options to manage HomeGroups have been removed

  • "Clock, language and region" has been renamed "Clock and Region"

  • Settings to change the input methodes and managing languages have been removed

Microsoft Store

  • Fonts can now be downloaded from the Store


  • A warning has been added to Paint to alert users that the program will be removed from Windows in favor of Paint 3D and be made available through the Store

Snipping Tool

  • Snipping Tool now has an "Edit in Paint 3D" button

Task Manager

  • When a process is suspended or has a suspended child process, an icon will be shown in the Status column of the Processes tab

Windows Defender Security Center

  • Windows Defender Application Guard is now available on Windows 10 Pro

  • The context menu in the system tray now allows you to do a quick scan, update Defender definitions, change the notifications and open Windows Defender Security Center

  • Windows Defender systray icon now uses a modern context menu

  • The Home heading has been updated to say "Security at a glance"

  • Under "Virus & threat protection" the "Quick scan" button has been renamed "Scan now" and "Scan history" has been renamed "Threat history"

  • Controller folder access settings have been moved to their own page named Ransomeware protection

  • Account protection has been added with links to connect to a Microsoft Account and to setup Windows Hello and Dynamic Lock

  • Device Security has been added with options to enable Memory integrity and options to manage processor security

  • You can now let Windows Defender Security Center alert you when there are problems with Dynamic Lock under Settings

Windows Subsystem for Linux

  • WSL can now be configured to some extend with wsl.conf

  • AF_UNIX allows for socket connections between Linux processes on WSL and Windows native processes

  • NTFS has a new flag to set on directories to indicate all operations in those directories should be treated as case sensitive

Other features

  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift and then Ok in the Run dialog will now launch the application elevated

  • The Share dialog box now contains Near Share which allows you to share files and urls over Bluetooth

  • The properties-window of an executable file now allows you the change the behavior for overriding the system DPI

  • WSL processes that set themselves up to run in the background will now keep running after closing the last console window

  • WSL processes that require elevation and that do not require it can now run at the same time

  • WSL is now supported over OpenSSH, VPN, Enter-PSSession and/or other Windows remoting tools

  • Wslpath has been added as a new tool to convert Linux paths to their Windows equivalents

  • Windows Command line Toolchain with bsdtar and curl are now available in Windows

  • Unix style sockets (AF_UNIX) are now available on Windows

  • Support for Work Folders with Files-on-Demand

  • Get-DeliveryOptimizationLog has been added to the available PowerShell cmdlets to retrieve decoded logs for Delivery Optimization

  • If an UWP app requires access to your pictures, videos or documents it will now have to ask for permission

  • Setting up Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN unlock can now be done from the lockscreen

  • "Update and shutdown" is now an option if updates are bending to install once more

And further

  • Upgrades will now remember to disable hibernate and Fast Startup

  • Yu Gothic Bold got improved with a consistent baseline alignment and improved clarity of various Kana characters

  • Introduces a number of new policies to manage Delivery Optimization

  • Hive data is now stored in the Registry process

  • Localizations can now be found in the Microsoft Store

  • Improved reliability for Near Share

  • Full support for Adobe-style OpenType Variable Fonts

  • Windows 10 S users will see their PC run in "Windows 10 Pro in S Mode"

  • A number of emojis have been updated for a more consistent design

  • Bluetooth mice should now perform better when the system is under load

Issues reporting form

We highly recommend using Feedback application but if it isn't an option refer to the form below and post issue report as a comment to stickied moderator comment.

  • Description: Describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

  • Reproduction: Provide clear and concise steps that will allow the person/people trying to help you to reproduce/understand the bug.

  • Frequency: How often does the bug occur? If it’s a complete one off then it may not be worth investigation, but if it’s more frequent it’s useful to know how often.

  • Video / Screenshot: A link to a video or screenshot of your bug, if that would be helpful. Imgur is a great website for pasting screenshots and ShareX for recording gifs, videos.

  • System Specifications: Processor name, RAM, Graphics card, anything you think could be useful. Please ensure that you have the latest updates and driver updates installed.

  • Anything else you would find useful: Anything else that may be useful to the person helping you and Feedback application link possible.


We highly recommend using Feedback application but if it isn't an option to you then feel free to post bug reports via the comment template as a reply to this comment. Follow the format which is shown below, you can copy & paste the template.




**Video / Screenshot**: 

**System Specifications**: 


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Post bug reports, issues that you encounter as a reply to this comment. Follow the format which is shown below, you can copy & paste it.




**Video / Screenshot**: 

**System Specifications**: 


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My settings are once again changed in favor of collecting all data.

had this same thing. This should be illegal. I'm going to speak to a lawyer and find out my options.

They turned on contacts access and enabled cortana! how do i know they didn't download all my contacts data in that time? what other data are they taking? People got all upset about facebook, we should be looking at windows 10.

If you're in the EU, wait until the 25th then signal this to your country's Data Protection Agency.

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They turned on contacts access and enabled cortana! how do i know they didn't download all my contacts data in that time?

You don't, stop using proprietary software which code we can't verify, easy.

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ShutUp10 is a good way to disable most of the hidden stuff.

You will have to restart several times tho, run the program again and check if settings are applied. This is NOT a problem with the program itsefl, but rather how those things get disabled in windows itself.

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Seems like Microsoft is digging a hole for themselves. This is ridiculous.

And under GDPR, illegal

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What we really need are D E S I G N A T E D privacy settings.

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Description: After the update from 1709 to 1803 I got a new partition that is 450 MB of size with 46,9 MB free space and nothing on it.

Reproduction: Wasn't there before the update, now it's there.

Frequency: As above.

Video / Screenshot:

System Specifications: -

Solution: Fixed it!

There's a 2 month old issue in Feedback Hub for this:

Upvote if you can to help draw their attention.

Support Engineer19 points·25 days ago

Thanks for the link - it's been promoted to a bug and sent directly to Engineering for analysis.

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You can now set Windows to automatically adjust a video based on the lightning in your environment

You really shouldn't be using a computer in the middle of a thunderstorm! :)

Software Engineer44 points·25 days ago


What, really? Even with lifeguard systems? I always do that.

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First things first, let’s go remove the Edge shortcut from the desktop...

How about we all phone Microsoft support and ask for help removing this new weird blue "E" thing off our desktop? omg is it a virus? Maybe they'll knock it off if we find a method where it costs them something.

HAHAHA first thing to do indeed !! 😂

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Sigh. Pretty sure my i7 4790K system - currently running Windows 10 - can run Windows 10.

I've seen that happen before, the power saving features of your CPU can cause that, try playing with your power settings. Might even be able to do something like run an instance of CPU burn in long enough for it to detect you CPU is fast enough then kill it.

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Has there been any improvements to game stutter, such as the example in this thread?

Very interested in this my self.

Here is a quick test I did and recorded with a 64 player match of BF 1 on my PC which is running the April 2018 update.

Here's my gameplay footage I just got done recording and uploading. I chose that game because a example video of stuttering in games by another user is done using BF 1. I used the built in game DVR to record the gameplay. Mainly because I don't want GFE installed and also I was curious to see how well it worked since I see so many people bash on it.

Seems to run pretty damn smoothly to me. I haven't noticed any stuttering with other games I've been playing lately either (Witcher 3, far cry 5, destiny 2, AC Origins). I read in that post you linked that the problem might be brought on by RAM usage/behavior caused by having your PC on for long periods of time with no shut down / restart. I almost never shut down or restart my PC. Except for updates, but I've been running April 2018 update for about 2 weeks since the "RTM" build was put out to insiders. I am NOT saying that means that because games don't stutter on my PC that there aren't people out there with legit problems. But its def not affecting all PC builds/setups.

My PC Specs

Intel Core i7 8700K

16 GB DDR4 2400 RAM

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 - driver 397.31

Windows 10 x64 build 17134.5

oh and the game was running on one of my HD storage drives, not my SSD drive.

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From my personal experience : guess i was "lucky" because i didnt had stutter in 1709, and i still doesnt have thoses with the 1803, yet, unless its only a false impression, but game feel like they have their global frametime increase a tiny bit.

A bit like with the specter update where with that CPU "nerf" games felt more "heavier" ( dont know how to correctly describe that )

Otherwise, after a quick try, performances still seem to be the sames, and games are smooth

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Games seem to perform better for me. I also had stutter and don't see it anymore.

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“Cortana is no longer capable of providing proactive content” - what does this mean?

17 points·25 days ago·edited 25 days ago

Simplifying actions between Cortana and Action Center

In the previous feature updates of Windows 10 (including the Fall Creators Update), there were two places to go to see the next action you might need to take: Cortana and Action Center. We heard feedback that this was confusing as it wasn’t clear where to go. The fact that Cortana’s insights and recommended actions lived outside of Action Center also made it impossible to focus Cortana’s user interface on Cortana’s natural language and search capabilities. To fix both of these problems, Cortana’s proactive content is going to migrate to Action Center so that you have one place to go to find out what action to take next and to see the important insights Cortana has for you. This frees up Cortana’s user interface to provide tips, educating customers about what can be said to Cortana, and to provide tools for search so that you can get the information you need as quickly as possible. You will see the first part of this change starting with this build with Cortana no longer offering proactive content. Over time, you will see the proactive content that used to be available in Cortana show up in Action Center.

Cool, thanks for explaining!

I've got the update and Cortana no longer shows me that scrolling snapshot of my day - no more news headlines, no more upcoming flights or packages, no more customized stuff like specific sports teams. Is that supposed to be gone or is something borked on my end?

Gone for now, it will be in the action center in the future.

oh my god they pushed a complete feature removal to release? Nice. I would think that was a temporary Insider change.

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The taskbar now uses an acrylic background


Titlebars next ??

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Yeah! I really like it 😊

If you can add the reveal effect for taskbar buttons in the next release, please...

I will submit feedback for that.

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  • When Windows detects an app that might have become blurry, a toast will be shown requesting to fix this

Is this finally the fix we have been waiting for when using multiple monitors with different DPIs?!

Haha, not really. With 125% scaling even Windows own Device Manager is blurry. PS: I'm using only one monitor @1920*1200

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Just updated via Windows update, and noticed under Diagnostics & Feedback I can't change the feedback frequency setting:

I'm not even in the Insiders Programme, and never enrolled into it.

14 points·24 days ago·edited 24 days ago

gpedit.msc Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds > Do not show feedback notifications

That should fix it.

Edit: You have to enable that setting, of course.

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Same thing happened to me. Many things now tell me "Some settings are managed by your organization" and I think one page said I'm now enrolled in Windows Insider Program.

I think this update forced it somehow.

Same here. Would like to know how to disable it.

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Friendly reminder from the Feedback Hub team that sharing your problems on reddit is GREAT, but even BETTER for us to help diagnose them if you use the Feedback Hub and share the link to your feedback here!

This is probably big and frustrating enough to deserve its own thread, but I'll respond here.

I'd love to use Feedback Hub to report issues and suggestions, but WHY OH WHY am I forced to do it in a linguistic quarantine zone of my own native language? Where the top comments share equally miserable popularity ranging from (mostly) 1 point to 11 tops? When 9 out of 10 issues are so vaguely described and unrelated that it makes me absolutely sure that no-one in Microsoft reads it?

I'm certain there is plenty of non-native English speaking users like me that have so many useful opinions/ideas to share with you guys, but we are not encouraged to do so if we are banished into the hollow wastelands of Feedhub Hub and not able to contribute within same (and only, let's face it!) space, where these opinions and votes matter, along with native English speakers.

We need such option!

Software Engineer13 points·23 days ago

That's definitely on our radar and we're monitoring up votes on this suggestion

Glad to hear that!

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All i care about is gaming performance

• Games are no longer functional on Windows 10.

• The only 3D application is Paint 3D from now on

• Candy Crush is the only game that will be allowed to run.

  • Steam no longer compatible with Windows 10

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Installed update, have stutters, oh well...

I was having random gpu spikes that would crash anything using it after an hour to two hours of playing. GTX 650, I thought it was dying. I even did a full Win10 reinstall.

Gamed in full screen for 5-6 hours last night immediately after installing the update, rock solid stability. Crossing my fingers.

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Description: After update, one of the small unused partitions on C: drive was mounted and assigned letter D:

Reproduction: Standard install

Frequency: Happened before with false start RTM version.

Video / Screenshot:

System Specifications:

Misc: Resolved by using DISKPART to remove the letter.

Microsoft Official Response

Support Engineer13 points·25 days ago

Thanks for the feedback - will monitor this particular issue.

Looks like it's this feedback issue:

2 months old now and no Microsoft feedback. Wouldn't be so annoying if it wasn't for the regular disk full warnings.

Support Engineer4 points·25 days ago

Thanks for the link - it's been promoted to a bug and sent directly to Engineering. Feel free to provide more info if needed.

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This same issue just occurred for me as well. A mystery Generic USB Storage Device showed up with 43.5MB free of 498MB, and doesn't appear to contain any files.

And I got four notifications of this drive having low disk space over the course of a single hunt in Monster Hunter, so it's off to a great start.

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Same here but it dosen't show up in DISKPART. There is one Partition for 450 MB though but it's one of the four and it's called Recovery.

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Anyone using a laptop notice that whenever you hover over the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner, it displays a percentage of 1 greater than when you click on it?

(ie. hovering shows 74% and clicking on it shows 73%)


Clicking uses 1% of your battery. This feature brought over from Windows Phone.


Yep, this happens to me too. Dell XPS 15" 9560

Support Engineer5 points·25 days ago

Thanks for the info. What are your machine specs? If you have a Feedback Hub submission, please PM the link.

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Will timeline actually be useful? I feel like it's a good concept, but I probably won't get much use out of it as i don't use edge or any of their apps

18 points·25 days ago·edited 25 days ago

I'm already using it heaps. Eg I'll be at uni on my laptop doing research for my thesis then when I get home I'd rather use my PC so everything I've been using has shown up under timelines. It's useful for people with multiple devices. Another example will be the word document I was writing in will show up in the timeline. I saves me quite a few clicks trying to dig down into my multitude of folders to find the file

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Seems like a waste of development resources, IMO. I don't think many people have a need for a browser type history for their entire PC. Will be another useless feature 99% of people never touch outside of messing around with it on the first day.

Not for Microsoft, it is the perfect tool for gathering data about what we do in our computers.

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I was the same at first, but after using it a few times I quite like it. It has made it easier for me to find a website or other thing I've used recently, even on another device.

Which apps support timeline atm?

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It is very random. Some programs work, others don't. I can confirm that Adobe's suite and Office both work, so does Edge. Also, your activity syncs from devices, so if you have your Microsoft account on Edge mobile, that history will apear in your Timeline.

It's nice with Office

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Yeah same here, that prob be one of the first thing I will turn off :)

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Will there be a new Media Creation Tool released for 1803, or will the current tool download the 1803 ISO when it is live? How will we know the tool is downloading 1803 and not 1709?

EDIT: Yep, once they changed the website to say "Windows 10 April 2018 Update now available" I was able to download the Media Creation Tool 1803 and use it to download the 1803 ISO. Great!

It’s still 1709. I’m a guy who waits for the new media creation tool just like you. I’m so wondering when it will be released too.

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The tool usually changes. You can check its build version in properties > details. Right now it should say 16299 (1709).

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Updated successfully, but now system is using almost 70% of RAM on startup. Looks like background services are the problem. Specifically, Microsoft edge Background Tab Pool, and a bunch of other services called Background Tab Pool. Tried restarting, killing those services, etc but everytime I boot up RAM is always about 60-70% of 8GB.

5 points·25 days ago·edited 25 days ago

Give it time... that's maybe just a "first time effect" Kind of sorting, indexing and so on. he (the pc) perhaps needs to restart the tasks, if you kill these tasks manually - and maybe you will end in a self-triggered loop.

Edit: Another idea would be to start Edge and check its settings. Maybe you can disable pooling or whatever that is. (Don't try a regedit solution!)

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What is "the rail"?

The sidebar

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Reset all my Nvidia control panel settings. Thanks Windows...

Edit: It reset the file browser view settings and turned fast start-up back on which I had disabled.

2Edit: I had to reinstall my sound card drivers.

3Edit: There's still something wrong with audio. The visualizer doesn't work in my sound cards software.

4Edit: Discord or any other app didn't hear my mic, this was the issue.

dude i know im super late on this, but you are THE fucking mvp of the century

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Don't release unfinishes updates. We are not beta testers, we pay for this product. My windows is completely ruined by this update.

Html5 videos are showing only green screen.

Resetted my whole Nvidia settings.

My volume level is halved. I can't increase it no longer.

I couldn't disable cortane web search and cortana is not avaible for my country so its just a bloatware for me. Useless junk.

I can't no longer get display from hdmi port(my drivers are up to date)

Don't install this update. Turn off your auto updates and wait for a stable version. It feels like beta version of April update.

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A.M. to the P.M., P.M. to the A.M., funk

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Description: Major drop in FPS in CS:GO (from 364 avg. FPS to 245 in a timedemo I use for benchmarking), although the game is still playable. Even worse when OBS Studio is running, from 319 FPS to 95 FPS and the game is no more playable. More details here.

Reproduction: Run CS:GO after the update, then also run OBS Studio.

Frequency: Constantly.

Video / Screenshot: 240 FPS slow motion videos with and without OBS after the update here.

System Specifications: Win 10 x64, Core i7-8700K, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Misc: Rolling back to 1709 fixed the issue.

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A question for the people who already have the update.

Is it true that you can't disable Cortana Web Search in 1803 anymore? Or was it just a problem with the insider builds?

Will hold the update until I'm sure that Cortana can still be disabled.

13 points·25 days ago·edited 25 days ago

EDIT2: I got it disabled again with this: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search AllowSearchToUseLocation dword:0 BingSearchEnabled dword:0 CortanaConsent dword:0

Source: (provides a registry script in an update to the article at the bottom which contains registry edits I've listed above)

EDIT: Web Search is NO LONGER DISABLED even with the registry key. I'm on Windows 10 Home. Help?

I've successfully disabled both cortana and web search in registry using the AllowCortana and ConnectedSearchUseWeb keys at this location:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search

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86% after 3 or 4 restarts i get the "windows is loading previous version...." 9 times failed update always in the same %. First time windows update fail in my machine and i have it since begining os win10

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Procedure to download ISO:

  1. Open link:

  2. If you are using Edge web browser, press F12 key to open Developer Tools and then click on Emulation tab and select "Windows Phone" from "Browser Profile" drop-down box. Refresh the page.

  3. If using Chrome web browser, press F12 key to open Chrome Developer Tools and then click on small mobile phone icon present near the magnifying glass icon. It'll switch to mobile device mode. Refresh the page.

  4. Proceed as per instructions on page.

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Description: Halved clock speeds on my Ryzen 1600X

Reproduction: Set Core Multiplier to 41, set voltage to 1.35v, boot into Windows, open task manager and run cinebench (see screenshot below)

Frequency: On every boot

Video / Screenshot:

System Specifications: AMD Ryzen 1600X Gigabyte AX-370 Gaming K7 16GB G.Skill FlareX Samsung 850 EVO SSD (with a couple of mechanical drives) GTX 970

Misc: This only started happening once 1709 was installed. Microsoft support told me 1803 would solve this issue, they were wrong. Screengrab was taken a couple of hours ago

Edit: Feedback Hub link

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Holy SHIT. I just installed this update on my laptop within the last hour and I am getting constant blue screens. 3 times in the last 20 minutes.

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Paint A warning has been added to Paint to alert users that the program will be removed from Windows in favor of Paint 3D and be made available through the Store

This is the stupidest shit I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, what the fuck are they smoking in Redmond?

It’s so Microsoft to do this. They’re like „Here, take this awesome product (W10) and see how we downgrade it step by step until it’s shit while thinking we‘re making something better.“ Why, MS, why?

Just like with MSN Messenger. It was loaded with features (including MSN Plus) and worked great, but no...they had to integrate it within Skype which was horrible at the time.

I'm still waiting for a chat app that can do as much as MSN could back in the day.

Skype is still awful, which is why I use it like twice a year.

I'm only commenting on back then since I haven't used Skype in ages either :P Good to know nothing has changed.

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Oh, how I miss MSN.

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People's reliance on Paint is just ridiculous. It hasn't been updated in years.

You want better image editing? Get (free).

Hey, why are you using notepad? You can be using web office 365, notepad hasn't been updated in years!

Notepad++. Free, better solutions ftw.

You don't always need the extra features of notepad++. Most users don't.

I've been using Irfanview for a long time, but have been giving the Snipping Tool a chance for the past year or so. For anything significant, I go to GIMP, which is very unfriendly, but powerful once you overcome a few hurdles. GIMP is probably overkill for most...

Notepad++ has spoiled me, so I only use Notepad when Notepad++ isn't installed.

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Late to the thread, but want to pedanticly point out notepad got an update in this update! 😊

(It now supports unix line endings - small fix but you were wrong on the internet and that can't stand..)

I have, but regular paint I feel is easier to use for light cropping of screenshots.

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What? You guys complain about bloat, now they're removing bloat and you're still whining? Development of Paint has stopped Paint 3D is it's replacement, if you want to use the outdated app instead, go to the Store and download it. An outdated app and a new app shouldn't be there by default.

They're both pretty much shit, but P3D is bigger shit.

Paint 3D is bloat.

Paint is not bloat.

An app that hasn't been updated in years and there are far better alternatives. It's bloat.

It works man, of all the things to waste time on, that should be way down the list.

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Paint 3D is bloat not Paint

14 points·25 days ago

How is it bloat? Having two of the same apps, one outdated and one up to date is bloat and the outdated one should be removed.

You also all cry for consistency, yet here people are crying for outdated apps with 2008 design to stay while also crying that more apps should be more consistent/updated.

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Instead of getting angry, be grateful the program can still be downloadable. Let's face it, Paint is really old and not that good..

The point was for advanced users who are on someone else's computer to be knowing that a standard set of tools are always available.

If I type paint in the start menu, I don't want to figure out how to deal with paint 3d at that point.

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That's a as long list

Software Engineer10 points·25 days ago

Hope you like it! 😊

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Description: I did an install using the Media Creation tool, which took hours but completed fine, but now I've got a drive letter assigned to an OEM partition (500Mb) which wasn't there before and it's complaining about having almost no free space.

Disk manager won't let me remove the drive letter to make the drive go away, I shouldn't be seeing it anyway.

Reproduction: N/A

Frequency: There every boot

System Specifications: Home built running on a 256Gb NVME SSD

3 points·24 days ago

same issue... I get every few mins notification about disk running low. So annoying.

I did some digging and this is the solution I used:

Open an administrator command prompt and run:

mountvol <rogue drive letter> /d

In my case it was 'mountvol g: /d' and it went away immediately. Now, hopefully that won't cause any problems in the future!

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i use arch btw.

Original Poster3 points·22 days ago

Me too.

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Description: Bluetooth audio control broke after 1803

Reproduction: The problem is consistent

Frequency: After update

Video / Screenshot: NA

System Specifications: Asus GL703VD

Misc: After the update, I can no longer control the volume of bluetooth speakers from my PC. It is failing with both the volume control buttons on the keyboard and the volume slider in the tray. The only thing I can do with the audio controls is mute.

I have the exact same thing happening on HP 6570b and Surface Pro i5. Edit: Bluetooth speaker is JBL Charge

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Mouse lag

Mouse lag everywhere. On both upgrade and super clean install (no internet, no drivers other than touchpad)

Was fine in 1709, now I get mouse lag using WU supplied synaptics, manufacturer synaptics AND the forced "precision" synaptics driver.

Opening and closing almost anything causes it.

Super, SUPER annoying

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Description: Task view is broken and completely unpredictable, with either timeline disabled or enabled. Task view will flicker, sometimes it won't open, sometimes it will, sometimes it will only display the desktops. Mouse clicking is interrupted and unpredictable.

Reproduction: Click the Task View button.

Frequency: Unpredictability happens 100% of the time.

Video / Screenshot:

System Specifications: Intel Core i7 6800K & Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)

Misc: Will probably need to reinstall Windows, but that's gonna be annoying...

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10 points·24 days ago·edited 24 days ago

Description: HTML5 video only displays as green in Firefox/Chrome

Reproduction: Reproduced on the same model laptop

Frequency: Always

Video / Screenshot: Didn't grab one

System Specifications: Gigabyte Aero 15x laptop

GTX1070 Latest driver tested with previous driver as well and experienced the same issue



Misc: Solved by disabling hardware acceleration in both Chrome and Firefox.

Timeline replaces Task View in the taskbar

Awful choice. Now instead of a simple multi-desktop experience we have a bloated "timeline" gimmick.

You can disable Timeline history and then it works pretty much the same as before.

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I'm updating through Windows Update. I have "Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background" set to 60%, but the download for 1803 is taking 95-100% of my bandwidth.

8 points·25 days ago·edited 25 days ago
  • Timeline looks promising, but it need and option to select what apps are tracked to no spawn it with unwanted things. As example, I don't like browser history on it, so I ended disabling the feature.

  • The autostart apps setting is great.

  • As more and more suggestions places are added, an option to globally set off all of then is needed, instead to be surfing hundred of settings to turn off all the suggestions.

I don't understand what Timeline is supposed to do. It looks the same as before except the icon has changed and the desktops have moved to a different place. This is not a feature I've used very much but it seems to do the same thing it always has.

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While watching videos on YouTube on latest Firefox version, video freezes but sound continues. I have to rewind the video a few seconds in order for it to work for a while again.


Watch a YouTube video on latest Firefox version (happened on previous version, too).


Every two minutes or so.

Video / Screenshot:


System Specifications:



2x4 gb GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 mhz ram

2x1 tb WD Caviar Blue 7200 rpm HDD

Cougar CMX 700W PSU

Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card


Latest gpu driver (18.4.1 version which was released today) is installed. Used DDU to uninstall the older driver and installed the new one afterwards. This problem never occurred prior to this Spring update.

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After update, my Nvidia driver stop working, no matter what version I tried to install. When I turn my PC on, it only boot to a black screen with white spinning dot and a cursor, really need help, please

same here, this is the worst update ever, I had to reinstall older version and turn off windows updates... or else it is updating back to 1803 and same thing is happening..

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Right now, it looks like this updates brings a number of new bugs that affect me and I don't care about any of the new features.

6 points·24 days ago·edited 24 days ago

Description: Task View does not show past activities (no timeline) despite all options being checked in Settings->Privacy->Activity History

Reproduction: Be sure to check at least "Let Windows collect my activities from this PC" in Settings -> Privacy -> Activity history. Press Win+Tab, notice that only current activities are displayed.

Frequency: Always


System Specifications: Win 10 x64, Core i5 750, 8 GB Ram

EDIT: Suddenly started working after a few hours. At least some activities appear. I will try again with another PC in the next days. Maybe it just takes time.

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8 points·24 days ago

Getting so many BSOD. Doing some stuff, laptop hangs but can still move around mouse. Can't do ctrl+alt+del. After several seconds, BSOD shows and error keeps changing, but mostly something critical. Restarts fine.

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I'm very curious what kind of process Microsoft is following when it comes to the settings app. One of my current biggest criticisms of Windows 10 is how it allows multiple places to change settings. Yes, the old control panel is "deprecated" in favor of the new Settings app, yet I have not really seen much progress in actually moving away old stuff there. (This update does remove a few things, yet there are many things left to be done) Instead, it seems Microsoft have been more focused on iterating development on existing features in the settings app. With older versions like Windows XP, Vista, and W7, things were more consistent as Microsoft had more of a "all or nothing"-approach to the overall user experience. What exactly is required "under the hood" (more specifically, in the Windows API) to move a setting from the control panel to the new settings app, and how are other third parties such as hardware vendors and other software vendors involved in the process of moving features to the settings app? Or could their slow progress be a sign of Microsoft having locked themselves in a corner where they cannot roll out updates that automatically breaks backwards-compatibility with legacy applications/features?

I particularly hate how you can't have multiple settings tabs open.

MS has something you don't: The statistics on how users are using the new settings UI and the Control panel. They also are linking varius settings in the Control Panel to the new settings, so that people who still are comfortable, or only know the Control Panel, get more and more used to using the new settings UI.

MS will probably kill the control panel when they are certain it won't adversly effect users.

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.... and good luck figuring out how to get to important parts of the Settings, like changing your network DNS.

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18 points·25 days ago

Paint will be removed :-(

11 points·25 days ago


It says it can be downloaded from the store. I'm hoping someday Microsoft will put all of the features in Paint into Paint3D. I never use Paint3D because every time I try it I find it doesn't have the capabilities that I need so I end up using Paint.

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Did they fix the game stutter in this update?

Comment deleted25 days ago(5 children)

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Seems better according to a couple of friends that had it.

i really want to know the answer to this, it has been a year!

Yeah... It's been far too long.

I was wondering the same... I doubt it though

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Did they fix live tiles (wide and large) not working on custom scaling like 115%?

Can you finally delete an address in Edge by clicking Shift + Del?

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What is the rail?

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Anybody having issues teaming NICs (Intel 219v and 211) on 1803? Updated just now, and was wondering why I had no internet until I removed the team. It looked like the NIC team was stuck on disabled even when trying to enable it. Removed and reinstalled the Intel drivers, now when trying to create the team, it just says "Creating New Team Failed". I'm assuming Intel will have to provide a new driver or something? System is an 8700k build with a ASRock Z370 K6 board, Windows 10 Pro 1803.

Also, it seems to have robbed me of my wallpaper even though I'm signed into my MS account, no sign of it redownloading itself.

Posted the same thing on r/windows, didn't notice this one was more active though.

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Edge extensions working inPrivate mode is great

Pressing Ctrl + Shift and then Ok in the Run dialog will now launch the application elevated

Well that's useful. Thanks.

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The update fucked with my OpenSSH server on my pc in California (I’m in New York), it fucking sucks as I’ll probably have to spend half a fucking day figuring it out on the weekend because I’m not smart like some of you sysadmin bastards.

UGH why Microsoft WHY.

This update killed everything I love. Ableton Live fails to recognize audio driver and I can't open any of my sessions. Just updated Destiny 2 after not playing from a few weeks (last time I played was before the spring update), I updated the game from BNET and it's just been an atrocious experience. I don't see a roll back option under Settings > Recovery either. This blows and makes me just want to switch back to my Mac and use a console for gaming needs.

I'm loving the new feature that alerts you of any missed notifications after a gaming session, great addition!

Software Engineer17 points·25 days ago

I'll let my team know you're a fan 😊

Please let them know about the bugs too.

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Downloaded it earlier this afternoon via Windows 10 updates. It went smooth. Took maybe 30 minutes total from start to finish. But zero issues. Games play fine, etc. It was painless. But then again, I have never had a single problem downloading Windows 10 updates. Its always a smooth painless transition for me.

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Description: The update created a new OEM partition with 450 mb of storage (44.4 mb free) which I can't remove or touch in anyway and now Windows warns me frequently that it's almost full.

Reproduction: I doubt this can be reproduced

Frequency: Every 15 min or so?

Video / Screenshot: N/A

System Specifications: Intel Core i7-6700k CPU, 4.00 GHz 4.01, 16Gb of RAM, Win 10 Pro 64 bit,

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My update went well on my custom Z97 PC and my gigabyte sabre 15 laptop.

Only issue I found was that on the laptop my OEM recovery partition was mounted, so I just used diskpart to remove the drive letter to stop the nagging "you're running out of space messages"

Couple of hours in and I'm happy.

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Description: Unable to add Gmail account to Mail, account gets added under Settings > Manage Accounts but doesn't show up on the left hand side under account. I am unable to send/receive/view emails. Microsoft Outlook account adds without any issue...

I've tried resetting the mail app within settings, this did not fix the issue.

Reproduction: Everytime I try add the account.

Frequency: Everytime I try add the account.

Video / Screenshot:

System Specifications: Windows 10 1803 (17134.1) i7 7700K / Asus Maximus IX Motherboard / 16GB RAM

Misc: This issue has arisen from an upgrade not a fresh install.

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Description: Select Defaults by app - in Settings app crashes

Reproduction: Settings app > apps > default apps > set defaults by app - Crashes and exits

Frequency: Every. Time.

edit: Misc: Explorer.exe is crashing and restarting when accessing via control panel.

Description: computer stutters every 4 seconds, regardless of activity. Been running Windows 10 awhile with no problems. Upgraded to 1803 a few weeks back while still in beta, this problem surfaced. I rolled back, PC was fine. Installed the final update this week, problem came back.

I defragged. I used IOBITS driver update program. I used Guru3D's DDU to remove/reinstall the video card drivers (In fact the stutter was still there after DDU reboot before new drivers installed.) I ran both Intel and Dell support apps to check for updates. I disabled Cortana via group policy. I disabled Windows transparency effects. I closed all unnecessary programs and stopped all unnecessary services and turned off Defender. This problem makes working on the PC near impossible as the mouse freezing for 1 second out of every 4 is maddening. Can't watch videos or listen to music.

Frequency: Constantly from boot.

Video / Screenshot: You will see the 'CPU 0' spikes every 4 seconds, also, using Resource Monitor and Process Explorer I've seen that "System Interrupts" pops to the top every 4 seconds in time with the stutter.

System Specifications: Intel i7 930 @ 2.80ghz, 16gb ram, GeForce 405, Win 10 Pro 64bit.

Misc: Any ideas welcome.

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Actualy, that 1803 version fked somes games hard.... Watch dogs 2 performances are pretty bad now.

way more framedrop, way less smooth.... Compare to 1709...

Geez, you wanted to push a "windows for gamer" and you actualy arent able to deliver one except for releasing thoses crappy bloatware.

Description: Routine BSODs

Reproduction: Allow the system to run for 10+ minutes.

Frequency: Every 10-20 minutes.

Video / Screenshot: None.

System Specifications: Windows 10 Home (64-Bit), Intel i3 (7th Gen), 12GB RAM, 1TB SSHD, It is an HP 15-bs033cl

Misc: Also was happening to a friend more frequently on his ASUS, same error, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Checked event log, which was no help.

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Anyway to skip this update? 1803 is garbage as far as wacom tablets, and functional GPUs go. I would REALLY love to avoid this hot garbage.

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Cortana is no longer capable of providing proactive content

Great.. now can we have a switch to shut it completely off, and uninstall it? Have it off on all machines, yet there it is sucking up 1% CPU and 40-50MB RAM all the time.

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Update bricked my PC. Reinstalling windows now.

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I look forward to this, hopefully it all goes smoothly

Is it possible to select text in a natural fashion using a stylus? Ideally one which doesn't have a side button such as the Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus?

Will the stylus work as a mouse replacement in legacy applications as it did before the Fall Creators Update?

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Downloading the ISO now via the Media Creation Tool. Guess it's slow because either everyone is downloading it, or because it doesn't use all network bandwidth available.

Either way, I'm happy to clean install, and can't wait to try it out! Thanks for having such a comprehensive changelog!

Anyone else having their 1803 download just being there at 100% exactly? It's been like that for around 25 minutes I think...

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Anyone using Realtek Audio, most likely your EQ/Surround Sound/Loudness Equalization/etc settings were reset to default after the update.

Didnt see anything change settings wise unlike that last few feature updates. Only thing strange is the Feedback Frequency setting under Privacy claiming that its managed by the Windows Insider Program, something Ive NEVER been a part of.

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You have 2 possibilities if you see a new OEM drive partion with a few MB size and a repeating message about its drive space (This happened to a few updatePeople - now and in the past):

1. Wait for the patch and ignore it. (not so fine)

2. Here is the instant solution but please double check what you are typing....

Mouse steps:

  • search/app menu -> cmd -> right click -> Run as admin

Keyboard steps:

  • Diskpart -> Enter/Return

  • list volume -> Enter/Return

  • select volume „The oem partition letter like J“ -> Enter/Return

  • remove letter=„Letter“(without „“) -> Enter/Return

  • exit -> Enter


edit: Text format fixed.... looks really strange now in edit mode.

edit2: Really, pay attention to what you type in cmd. You don't want to lose another drive.

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Forgot to say Task manager takes 3 seconds to load list of running processes. This Windows is getting worse and worse with each update

Alt-tabbing to fullscreen exclusive games is much slower since this update. On the last update they were basically instant, matching the alt-tab speed for a borderless windowed game. But now it's ruined.

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Wow, Microsoft. The mandatory security questions on the account you make just to join a local domain, really? Each release is progressively more frustrating to use in a business environment. Seems Microsoft has entirely forgotten their core product market.

after updating, windows hangs at spinning dots screen, it doesn't start again, thanks Microsoft, really nice update!

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Description: When updating from win10 1709 to 1803, computer crashes at the configuring windows update (100%) screen, pc then goes into a recovery cycle and ends up at win10 1709 again.

Reproduction: standard update.

Frequency: Every time update runs, either on reboot/shutdown or manually started.

System Specifications: I7 3770S, onboard graphics, 6gb of ram

Misc: seems to crash on first reboot of 1709, but works fine after

Really? The update reset my desktop to that default crap. Changing setting behind our backs wasn't enough, now they're removing personalization?

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Settings to change the input methodes and managing languages have been removed

What does that mean exactly? I write documents in word in both Norwegian and English, and when I want to write with Norwegian characters, I just change the language from the bar to Norsk (Bokmål). Does it mean that if I install the update, I'll be unable to do that anymore?

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I'd love to know this as well. My wife writes in 4 different languages. No way in hell I am putting this on her system if language options are removed.

Edit: Re-reading it, I think they just removed it from the Control Panel and it will be in Settings.

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Games still stutter for me and clearing the standby memory improves the stuttering. When all free memory gets eaten by standby memory and when a game is forced to overwrite standby large frametime spikes occur.

Although, in my limited testing, stuttering isn't as frequent as in 1703. Still need to test further and reinstall completely later but feel like it is a small positive step. Spoke too soon, concluded it has not improved after further testing.

Edit: Done a fresh install, installed nothing but essential drivers and Battlefield but it continued to stutter. Exactly the same behavior, standby eats all the free memory then the game starts to stutter when it has to overwrite.

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Release day! I'm amped 😊

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When is it going live?

Usually at 6PM GMT, which is 1PM Eastern or 10AM Pacific.

6PM GMT happens when this comment is 4 hours and 43 minutes old.

You can find the live countdown here:

I'm a bot, if you want to send feedback, please comment below or send a PM.

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UPDATE: on my personal laptop 1803 broke my cisco vpn, able to fix it with some registry hacks. The work laptop was a different story, had to reinstall the synaptics touchpad driver and fix the cisco vpn, same hacks

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I'm looking for a long time for a feature that will make it possible to close a Window from ALT-TAB list using ALT-F4 combination. Maybe it's possible with some 3rd party utility? What I mean is that you press ALT-TAB, then you can «scroll» by pressing TAB while holding ALT, I want to press F4 while holding ALT to pass this combo to selected window in that list.
So you can quickly close multiple windows from ALT-TAB list without using mouse and without going to each window and pressing ALT-F4 there. I was quite surprised when I realized that this feature doesn't exist.

You can use the persistant alt tab (ctrl + alt + tab) and then close with ctrl + w

Whoa, I had no idea there was a persistent alt tab. It's amazing how I can still learn new features after using Windows for years.

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